How to Enable Auto-reporting to CCLI®

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SongSelect now supports auto-reporting your songs to CCLI. That means you don’t need to track song usage yourself.

To use auto-reporting, link your CCLI account to in Proclaim. When songs are used in your On Air presentations, we will send that data automatically to CCLI, saving your church the extra work of manually reporting through CCLI’s reporting portal.

Note: In order to use auto-reporting and access song lyrics, your SongSelect account will need to be on a paid tier.

How to setup Auto-reporting

1. Link or re-link your SongSelect® by CCLI Account

Auto-reporting comes alongside a revamped version of CCLI’s API, so even if you have linked your account in the past, you will need to re-link it in order to use this new feature.

To do so, within Proclaim:

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper-right
  2. Click Link Your Accounts…
  3. In the subsequent window, click Remove next to the SongSelect® by CCLI line. Move on to the next step if you don’t see this option.
  4. Click Enter Info and sign-in with your SongSelect account.

Popup Showing Email And Password Form Fields For CCLI

2. Enable Auto-Reporting

Now that your account has been linked, you will need to enable auto-reporting.

  1. In Proclaim, open Settings > General
  2. Scroll down, and check Enable auto-reporting

General Settings Modal With Enable Auto Reporting Checkbox Checked

That’s it! Proclaim will automatically send usage info to CCLI right after your service! You can view your song history at

What and when do we report?

Proclaim will report any songs with a CCLI song Id to CCLI when you go Off Air after a 15 minute session. If you don’t see your songs:

  • Make sure auto-reporting is enabled in Settings > General.
  • Make sure your songs have a CCLI song ID in the song number field.
  • Check if you’ve been On Air for 15 minutes.
  • Look at your reporting page again after you’ve gone Off Air.
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