Sermon Recording Troubleshooting

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Are you having trouble recording your sermon in Proclaim?

Recording systems can be complicated and involve layers or hardware and software. This article will help troubleshoot and get you back to recording.


Do you have the correct device connected and powered on?

Make sure you’ve got power to the device, that it’s connected to the sound source and that any volume controls are turned up.


Are you getting signal to Proclaim?

Go to Settings > Audio and take a test recording to verify that Proclaim is receiving a signal from your device. If you don’t get any signal here, try raising the input level in Proclaim or on the device itself.


Is the device passing signal at all?

If Proclaim can’t register a signal at all, check your computer’s audio settings. You should see your device connected, but make sure your computer is set to take it as input and that the volume is turned up on the signal.

On Mac, you can find your computer’s audio preferences in System Preferences > Sound > Input. Click your device to tell your computer to use it for input.

In Windows, the settings are at Settings > System > Sound. Scroll down to find the input dropdown and select your device if it isn’t already.

Each system audio settings window you’ll be able to see input strength if your device is set up correctly. If you don’t get anything here, you’ll need to trace your signal path and make sure everything is working correctly.


Does Proclaim have permission to use your microphone?

Proclaim will prompt you for permission to access and use the device input settings. If Proclaim does not have permission, it won’t record.

Verify that Proclaim has permission to use your microphone.

Mac shows you this information in System Preferences > Security & Privacy. Click the Privacy tab, then choose Microphone on the left and verify that you see Proclaim on the right.

To check on Windows, search the Start menu for Privacy Settings, then, on the left, scroll down to App Permissions and click Microphone. On the right, scroll down to Allow Desktop Apps to Access your Microphone, make sure that setting is turned on, and that it’s turned on for Proclaim as well.


Does your interface require some additional setup?

Some interfaces may require a driver update before they work with your computer. Do an internet search of the brand and model name and look for any driver updates.

It’s also a good idea to install any pending Windows updates, as sometimes they include codec updates that your device may depend on.

In addition, if your device has multiple channels, try all of them to see if there’s a difference.


Still not working?

You’ve made sure your device is powered on, your computer is using it for input and registers an audio signal, and Proclaim has the device selected. But, you still can’t make a test recording.

At this point, We recommend you contact support. You can send us an email at, chat in from our support site, or call us at 888-634-2038 (US/Canada) or +1 360-450-3542 (International). Please have the name of your device handy, as well as information about the signal flow and how it’s attached to your computer.

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