Dynamic Lyric Scrolling Song Transition

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In Proclaim 4.0, you can add a Lyric Scrolling transition to your song service items.


1. Select a song service item.

After adding a song service item to your presentation, select it in the sidebar. Learn more about adding service items.

Note: The Lyrics Scrolling transition is available on song service items only.

2. Add a new Lyric Scrolling transition.

With the Lyrics tab selected in the Editing pane, check Use transition, and select Lyric Scrolling.

Apply Lyric Scrolling Final

The Lyrics Scrolling song transition will show your congregation a preview of the upcoming lyrics as you transition through the song.

Note: The Lyrics Scrolling transition shows for every slide in your song service item, including the title slide. Currently, you cannot adjust the behavior or style of the transition.

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