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In Proclaim 4.0, the new Team Dropdown gives you quick access to your Presentation Team(s), team memberships, and more.

Click Team in the main Proclaim menu to view the new Team dropdown.

Open Team Menu Final


Change Presentation Teams

Many churches have several Presentation Teams. You can now quickly switch between teams.

The top of the Team menu shows your existing Presentation Teams. Select an existing team or click More Teams… to view all your available teams.

Switch Teams Final


Create a New Presentation Team

To create a new team, open the Team menu and click Create New Team.

Create A New Team Final

In the dialog, provide a team name in the input and click Create Team.

Create New Team Dialog Final

Proclaim will create your team and offer to switch to the new team automatically.


Manage Your Teams

You can add, remove, or update team members for any of your Presentation Teams from the Team menu.


Remove or Update Team Members

To remove or update team members, ensure you’ve selected your desired Presentation team and then click Manage Team Members.

Manage Team Member Menu Button Final

Your existing team members show in the open dialog. For each member, click the more options menu to update the member’s role or remove the member from the group. Learn more about team roles.

Manage Team Members Final


Add Team Members

To add new members to your team, either click Add Team Member in the member management dialog or click Add Team Members in the Team dropdown.

Add Team Members Menu Button Final

Provide emails or account names in the input box (separated by commas) and click Done.

Add Team Members Dialog Final

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