What’s New in Proclaim 4.0?

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Proclaim 4.0 brings a fresh new design, empowers you to build more dynamic presentations, and gives you greater control while running your service.

It does all this while keeping Proclaim familiar. You can add on the new features as you have time to explore them. And as always, you immediately receive all new updates on as many computers as your team needs at no extra cost.

In this quick overview, let’s examine 10 of the new features available in Proclaim 4.0!

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1. Updated Branding

Proclaim has received fresh updated branding with a warmer user interface and more vibrant highlights and callouts.

Proclaim Cover

2. In-App Team Management

Proclaim also now connects you to your presentation team from within the app.

  • Create new presentation teams
  • Quick switch between presentation teams
  • Invite others to your team
  • Manage roles and permissions

Open Team Menu Final

Note: Learn more about new New Team Management menu.

3. New Formatting Toolbar

We’ve simplified all text editing toolbars into a single section while also surfacing more popular options for content slides.

New Toolbar

4. Song Lyric Scrolling

Proclaim now includes an all new lyric-scrolling transition which previews the next lyrics and eliminates the need to perfectly time each transition.

Note: Learn more about Song Lyric Scrolling.

5. Custom Countdown Timers

You can now provide custom styling to Countdown Timers. You can even set global defaults for a presentation that fit your church branding and then adjust individual timers to match a current service item’s background.

Adjust Timer Sizing

Note: Learn more about Custom Countdown Timers.

6. Quick Add Next Verses

Bible items now offer a quick add feature to show the next verse in a passage without breaking your presentation flow. Your Bible item automatically expands to add an additional verse behind the scenes.

Add Next Verse Final

Note: Learn more about the new Add Next Verse feature.

7. Recent Media Filter

A new Recently Used Media filter gives you ready access to media you’ve used in recent presentations. Select any recent media and add it to your current presentation with a click.

Add Recent Media

8. Smart Media Enhancements

You can now add Smart Media designs to different media types. For example, if a media pack doesn’t include a song media type, you can apply the content media type as Smart Media for your song.

Apply A Different Media Type

You can also now apply a Smart Media series to multiple items at the same time. This means you can quickly upgrade an entire presentation or service to use a new media series with one click!

Apply Smart Media Per Series

9. Precise Styling Customizations

Proclaim now gives you greater precision when styling service items. You can call out specific words with special styling, like italics or an accent color.

Apply Styling To Song Items

You can also now style song service items to italicize a chorus or emphasize a direction.

Apply Precise Style Adjustments

10. New Open Menu

A new Open menu shows when you open Proclaim to a past presentation. The menu includes a smart list of your presentations, starting with your next upcoming service.

New Open Menu

For more help getting the most out of Proclaim, see our support center. We can’t wait to see how this new version of Proclaim serves your church!

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