How do I Publish my Sermon to Logos Sermons?

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Once your service finishes, you can publish your sermon so others can benefit from the message. When you export a Logos Sermon to Proclaim, Proclaim automatically creates a draft of your sermon on Logos Sermons.

Learn how to publish the sermon below.

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Locate and Finalize Your Sermon.

Navigate to Logos Sermons. If you are not already logged in, do so with the same credentials that you use for Logos and/or Proclaim.

  1. Click My Sermons.
    Your uploaded sermons display as thumbnails using the title slide.
    Logos Sermons homepage with My Sermons menu option highlighted

  2. Click the thumbnail to view details about the sermon.
    Sermons showing in a grid with one highlighted

    If you selected a series, you’ll need to first select a sermon within the series.

  3. Edit your sermon.

    Click Edit. Add, change, or delete information in your sermon using the available fields.

    Sermon on Logos Sermons visible with Edit button highlighted

With your sermon finalized, you can publish it from either Logos Sermons or Proclaim.

Publish your sermon.

Sermons can be published from both Logos Sermons and Proclaim. Publishing your sermon through Proclaim will create an automatic post to notify members of your church group that it’s available.

To publish from Logos Sermons:

  1. While viewing a sermon on Logos Sermons, enter edit mode (click Edit as shown above).
  2. Change the Publication status to Published and click Save.

    Sermon on Logos Sermons in editing mode with the publication status changed to published

Note: However you publish your sermon, you can share your sermon using a variety of built-in options.

To publish from Proclaim:

  1. Once a presentation ends and is no longer On Air, Proclaim opens a panel summary of the sermon including the audio file (if you used Proclaim to record the sermon).
  2. Make final adjustments and select Publish (or Close if you are not ready to Publish).

    Sermon Recording popup in Proclaim showing sermon metadata, audio wave form, and publish options

You also have the option to publish a transcription of your sermon. Learn more about sermon transcription services.

If you choose to publish at a later time, allow time for the audio file to upload before you close the presentation. Access your sermon recording by clicking Recordings, and select the sermon you want to publish from the list.

Proclaim main window showing Recordings dropdown expanded

Note: Learn more about recording, editing, and publishing sermons in Proclaim.

Benefits of Hosting Your Sermon on Logos Sermons

  • Add audio and video
    You can attach an audio or video recording of your sermon on Logos Sermons. If you use Proclaim to publish, the video and audio recordings automatically attached to the sermon. (Learn more about recording in Proclaim.)

  • Interactive comments
    Create ongoing dialogue about your sermon concepts and learn how it helped others grow.

  • Share with your congregation
    It’s easy to locate and share your sermons on Logos Sermons. Sermons hosted on Logos Sermons can be embedded on your church websitepodcasted, or shared on social media.

  • Help other pastors
    Publishing a sermon to Logos Sermons gives others the chance to be inspired by your work in their own practice. The better you tag your sermon, the more searchable it becomes and the better you can help others.

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