Create a Custom Text Style

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You can create your own custom style that can be saved and applied to any text box or text field.

1. Select a text box.

You may also create a new text box or text field.

Note: Note that style declarations apply to the entire text box. In other words, you can’t create a style for only selected text within a text box.

2. Define the style.

Adjust the font, size, justification, and other properties of the text box or text field.

edit toolbar highlighted with multiple text fields selected

Note: You can import additional fonts into Proclaim.

3. Save the style.

Click Styles and enter a name for your style in the box labelled New style name such as Song Lyrics. Click Save. Proclaim saves all the properties of the text box or field.

Note: If you edit this style at a later date, text boxes and text fields with this style still need to be manually updated in order to apply the edited style.

Create new style dropdown open with new name inserted and save button highlighted

Note: Custom styles are especially useful when they apply to a certain color of background. You can search for backgrounds by color in the Media Browser.

4. Remove a Custom Style

To remove a text style, click Styles. Right-click the style you want to remove and select Remove Custom Style

style panel open with remove custom style option called out

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