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Domain Name Options for Your Faithlife Site

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Everyone gets a unique URL for their website on Faithlife Sites automatically; however, there are three additional options available when selecting the URL or domain name for your site. You can also:

  1. Choose your own custom domain name.
  2. Transfer your domain name to Faithlife and have our Customer Support team manage the configuration for you.
  3. Use your existing domain name and point it to your new site.

Before completing one of the options in this article, you must have an existing Faithlife Site connected to your Faithlife Church Group.


Option One: Choose Your Own Custom Domain Name 

During the set up of your Faithlife Site, find the name you like and we'll do everything else. This option is included for no additional cost with a Premium subscription.


Option Two: Transfer Your Domain Name to Faithlife

If your church has an existing domain name that your congregation is familiar with, continuing to use it for your Faithlife Site is the ideal configuration. However, not all churches have the technical expertise to manage their domain. If this describes your church, Faithlife will manage your domain on your behalf and complete the configuration required. 

Note: To transfer your domain name to Faithlife, you must have a Faithlife Sites Premium subscription.

You can find instructions on transferring your domain name here.


Option Three: Manage Your Own Domain Name

If your church already has a domain name that your congregation is familiar with, continuing to use it for your Faithlife Site only requires a few steps. These steps include changing several configuration settings within your domain registrar’s control panel. Depending on your registrar, these steps may vary.

Note: Managing your own domain name with a Faithlife Site requires a Premium subscription and may include annual hosting and administration fees paid to your domain registrar.

You can find instructions on managing your own domain name here.


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