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To view all of Faithlife Sites training videos, view the Video Training page.


Edit Pages


To get started, navigate to the page you want to edit. (Click Sign In if necessary.) By default, new pages contain a single Content widget, which allows you to add text and images.


To edit any widget, click the blue edit icon image1.png.




Editing the Content Widget




Click and provide text, images, and documents. Because your website’s theme informs your text styles site-wide, you can stay focused on content and know that all your text will match your site’s theme.


The text editor contains a wide-range of options.




If you’d like to add an image, click the insert image icon image4.png, which will redirect you to your Faithlife File Vault. Your church group on Faithlife.com shares this same space, so you don’t have to upload the same image multiple times. Once your image processes, click Insert.




You can resize your picture or change its alignment to your liking.


Click Save when you’re done.


Your website intelligently detects Bible references and displays their text when you hover over them. If you prefer a different Bible version than the default, you can choose a new version in the left-hand panel Settings menu.




Adding Widgets


To add additional widgets, select the blue plus icon image9.png.


The top four widgets are auto-updating, which means that as you change or add events, sermons, contact information, or service times, every instance of these widgets will update in realtime across your site.




If you want to change a widget’s content, click the edit icon at the upper right corner of the widget, then select image12.png.


Widget Types

There are twelve different widgets available to use on your website, though this continues to expand with further development. Each type of widget can be added to any of your website’s pages.

  • Events – lists events entered in your Faithlife.com church group’s calendar.
  • Sermons – links to the sermon files you have uploaded to Faithlife Sermons.
  • Contact – populated by the address, e-mail, and phone number supplied on your church group’s settings.
  • Service Times – lists the service times. Note: you can add as many different services and times as you need.
  • Map – by default, displays your church’s location in Google Maps. Note: you can enter an alternate address in the widget. This is especially helpful when adding.
  • Events – located away from the main campus. If you change your main church’s address, though, the changes will auto-populate to any widget containing this information.
  • Text Directions – allows users to provide a mobile number in the widget and  receive directions to a particular church event via text. This widget allows you to choose your default church address, or add a new one.
  • Content – opens a new content widget.
  • Call to Action – prompts visitors to click a button in response to your page’s content. You can customize your header text, body content, and button information for your call to action. The button will send visitors to another page on your website or to an external link.
  • Live Stream – displays a video stream using a variety of popular streaming services.
  • Newsletters—links to church newsletters created in your Faithlife.com church group. See the article on Newsletters for more information.


  • Bulletins—links to church bulletins created in your Faithlife.com church group. See the article on Bulletins for more information.


  • Mobile Bible Apps—adds links to download Logos Bible software or the Faithlife Study Bible for iOS or Android image13.png.





At any point in the design or editing of your site, you can switch to Preview Mode to ensure your content looks great on all devices—computers, tablets, and phones.



When your site is ready for the public, click Go live. If your site is already live, click Publish changes instead.




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