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Faithlife Sites distribute information via widgets, which are blocks of space on your church website that hold content. Editing pages, then, involves adding, removing, and editing widget content. Once you finish editing your widget(s), click Publish Changes to make your website changes live to the public.

Did you know? You can create members-only pages to limit a page’s visibility to members of your Faithlife group who are logged into their Faithlife account? Learn more.

1. Enter Edit Mode.

To get started, navigate to your church website and sign in if necessary. Click Edit Site to enter edit mode and navigate to the page you want to edit.

Note: In addition to editing widgets, you can also change the background of sections or widgets.

2. Add a new widget.

To add a widget to your page, click the blue plus icon and choose a new widget.

Note: Although most widgets are free with Faithlife’s church website builder, some widgets require a subscription to Faithlife Sites Premium or Faithlife Equip.

Consult each widget description below for more specific help:

  • Content: Add text, photos, and other items from a standard editor.
  • Call to Action: Add a button to your site to encourage your site visitors to take some specific action.
  • Events: List events from your church group’s calendar.
  • Sermons: Show sermons you have uploaded to Faithlife Sermons. Learn more.
  • Service Times: Learn more.
  • Contact: Provide your address, e-mail, and phone number. Learn more.
  • Map: By default, the map widget will display your church’s location in Google Maps. You can, however, enter an alternate address in the widget.
  • Text Directions: Allows users to provide a mobile number in the widget and receive directions to a particular church event via text. This widget allows you to choose your default church address, or add a custom one (e.g., for a small group meeting or other event away from your church building). At this time, Faithlife supports text/SMS in the United States and Canada only.
  • Newsletters: Add newsletters from your Faithlife Church Group to your Faithlife Site. Learn more.
  • Bulletins: Show your Faithlife digital bulletins on your website. Learn more.
  • Document List: Add a filtered list of documents from your church’s only File Vault. Learn more.
  • Blog Articles (Premium Only): Add Article posts from your church group as blog posts to your site. Learn more.
  • Photo: Add a filtered list of photos from your church’s only File Vault. Learn more.
  • Video: Add a filtered list of videos from your church’s only File Vault. Learn more.
  • Live Stream: Embed your live stream on your Faithlife Site. Learn more.
  • Digital Signage: Show a Digital Signage feed on your website. Learn more.
  • Mobile Bible Apps: Encourage your website visitors to download the Faithlife Study Bible app or the Logos Bible Mobile app.
  • Verse of the Day: Show Faithlife’s verse of the day on your website.
  • Newsletter Signup: Allow site visitors to subscribe to your church’s newsletters. Learn more about using Faithlife Newsletters.
  • HTML (Premium Only): Add HTML code to your website, like iframes or other code blocks.
  • Announcements: Show announcement posts from your church group.
  • Giving: Add your Faithlife Giving form to your website. Learn more.
  • Custom Form: Add forms to your site so your site visitors can provide information, sign up for events, request prayer, and more. Learn more.
  • Directory: Show any segment of your Directory on your site. Learn more Depending on the segment you show, you may want to add the Directory widget to a members-only page.

3. Edit existing widgets.

To edit any widget, click the blue edit icon .

Each widget type holds different editing options. Consult the guide for each widget above for specific help.

4. Change the widget type.

You can also change the widget to a different widget type. Click the blue edit icon on any existing widget and choose Change widget type.

Select a new widget type, edit it, save, and publish your changes.

5. Preview and publish your changes.

At any point in the design or editing of your site, you can switch to Preview Mode to ensure your content looks great on all devices—computers, tablets, and phones.

When your changes are ready for the public, click Publish changes.

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