Members-only Pages

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Members-only Pages


Many churches use their websites to convey information to their members. And sometimes this information is meant for members only. With Faithlife Sites, you can quickly limit access to any page to group members only.


Members-only pages work well for communicating sensitive or private information, like volunteer schedules, private contact information, or church-only updates.



You can restrict a page to church members only by navigating to its settings and changing the Visibility to Members only.




After setting a page to members only, you can click a checkbox to hide the link from anyone not already signed into their Faithlife account.


Becoming a Member

In order to view a members-only page, users need to be members of your church group on You can access a full list of your group’s members from the left-hand sidebar of the group’s page.


By default, all group members can invite others to join the group. To change this setting and limit the ability to invite others to the Sites’ Administrators or Moderators, navigate to Group Settings > Group Permissions at your church’s site and drag the slider from Members to the appropriate level.




To invite new members, click Invite friends and provide their contact information.




You can also import contacts from a CSV file or from your contacts.




Fill in the Personal note and click Send.


You can view and manage pending invitations by clicking the Pending invites button.  




Once members join, they’ll have full access to your site’s members-only content by signing in to their account.

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