View Gifts

  1. From your church group’s finance team on, select Overview in the left-hand navigation menu.




  1. The Overview report offers a general look at your giving info. By adjusting the top right-hand drop-down menu, you can view data for the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or for the current month.




  1. For a more detailed report, click Gifts in the left-hand navigation menu.




  1. If you need to export your gifts for use with your accounting software, select your desired time frame and click Export to download a CSV file.


Find Individual Gifts

  1. To search for individual gifts enter the name of a giver in the search bar.




  1. Select any donation in the table to view its details.




  1. Clicking the arrows in the top right-hand corner displays the next gift. You can also return to the Gifts report by clicking Gifts in the top left-hand corner.  
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