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Faithlife Giving makes donating to your church simple. Each time you give, you’ll be emailed a receipt. And at year’s end, Faithlife Giving will also automatically email you a donor tax statement with your year-end donation amount. If you have a Faithlife account, you can view your complete giving history at any time on


Locate your giving history.

To view your giving history, follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to and sign in.

While you don't need a Faithlife account to give, you do need one to access your previous giving history. If you don't have an account, you can set one up for free in a few moments. 

2. Select Giving.

Select Giving from the main navigation menu. 



Navigate your giving history.

Your giving portal has several sections that help you manage and view your gifts.


Payment method

To add, remove, or edit a payment method, click the button Edit payment methods.



Recurring Gifts

If you have any recurring gifts set up, they will display at the top of your screen. To make changes to a recurring gift, select it. 


Open the more options menu image36.png and click Edit. Adjust the recurring gift and click Save. 



Tax Statements

You can download a yearly tax statement under Statements. You will receive an email each year letting you know your tax statement is available (by January 31). Log into your account to download your tax statement. 



Export and view gifts

A report of your giving history—along with an interactive chart—helps you get an overview of your giving. Adjust the data shown with the dropdown menu. You can export a report of your giving history by clicking the Export button. This generates a downloadable CSV file with all your gifts.


Below your giving trends, individual gifts display. Select a transaction to view additional details about it.



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