View Your Giving History

With Faithlife Giving, giving is simple. And if you give while signed into your Faithlife account, viewing your giving history is a click away.


To view your giving history, navigate to, sign into your Faithlife account, and select Giving from the top left-hand navigation menu.

Along with the ability to change payment and account information, or adjust your recurring gifts, you can also view your full giving history.



Recurring Gifts

Faithlife Giving displays your recurring gifts at the top of the webpage.

Select a recurring gift to view its details. To adjust the gift’s details, select the edit icon in the top right.

Click Delete to discontinue the recurring gift. Click Edit to change the details of the gift. Once you’ve adjusted the gift, click Save.



Giving History

Just below your recurring gifts, Faithlife Giving displays your giving history in chronological order. An interactive chart provides yet more detail.


To view the details of any particular gift, select it.

Note that each fund included in the gift is itemized.


Clicking the arrows in the top right-hand corner displays the next gift. You can also return to your giving overview by clicking Overview in the top left-hand corner.  


Each time you give, you’ll be emailed a receipt. And Faithlife Giving will also automatically email you a donor tax statement with your year-end donation amount. So whether you manually check your giving history on or let us keep you informed, you’ll always be in the know.

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