Add Members to your Finance Team

When you first enabled Faithlife Giving, a subgroup called “Finance Team” was created for you. This subgroup protects your data by restricting it to those with access to the subgroup.


By default, only the user who enables Faithlife Giving is added to the Finance Team. You handpick everyone who should have access to your financial data.


Note: Many pastors prefer not to have access to giving data. Even if your pastor is an admin of your church group, he will not be able to see your giving data unless you manually add him to the Finance Team subgroup.


By default, Administrators and Moderators of your Finance Team can add additional members, though you can adjust these permissions via the group’s settings. To invite new members, navigate to your church group and select Finance Team from the list of subgroups.



Next, select Invite friends in the top right-hand corner.




To invite people to your team, search for their Faithlife accounts or add their email addresses. You can even import contact information from a CSV file or from your email contacts.


Provide a personalized note if applicable and select Send.

Faithlife will notify those you’ve invited.


To check an invitation’s status, select Members in the Finance Team left-hand navigation menu. From here you can view all current members and any pending invites. You can even withdraw invitations by selecting names and clicking Withdraw.