Create a Faithlife Site

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Faithlife Sites is custom-made for churches. You can set yours up for free in three easy steps.


Step 1: Sign In

Navigate to and click Sign in. Use your Faithlife credentials to authorize access to Faithlife Sites. If you don’t yet have a free Faithlife account, you can quickly create one.



Step 2: Add Your Church

Click Get Started. If you already have a church group on, search for it above. If you don’t have a church group enter your Church Name and Church Location. Click Done and Faithlife will create your church group for you.  



Faithlife church groups are free online communities on Your group will work together with your site to make content creation quick and easy.


Step 3: Choose a Theme

Next, choose from one of the professionally designed website themes. You can change this design later and your site will instantaneously update.



Your new Faithlife Site is now ready to edit and publish. When you’re ready to make it visible to the public, click Go live in the top right-hand corner.



That’s it! In three steps, you’ve created your church website.  

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