View Deposit Status

To view the deposit status of your gifts in context with their other data, navigate to your church group’s finance team on and select Gifts in the left-hand navigation menu.


You can show giving data for the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or for the current month or year using the drop-down menu.

To search for individual contributions enter the name of a giver or a fund in the search bar. The color-coded status field allows you to quickly identify your deposit status for each donation. 



Deposits Report

1. Select Deposits.

Select Deposits in the left-hand navigation menu to view and organize your data by deposit status.



2. Sort by deposit status using the drop-down menu above the table. 



3. Use the arrows to browse your data.

If your results contain more than one page, use the arrows in the bottom right-hand corner to browse your data. Notice that a single deposit can contain multiple gifts (e.g., the first deposit in the table below contains 3 separate gifts).



4. Select a deposit to examine its details. 

To examine a deposit’s details, select it from the list. The unique Deposit ID identifies this deposit and all the gifts contained in the deposit are listed below along with their individual details. To dive in deeper to a specific gift, select it from the list below.


Note: Deposits should appear in your church’s bank account 2–3 banking days after a transaction has been made and will contain the prefix “FLC.”



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