Add Funds

With Faithlife Giving, it’s easy to create as many funds (i.e., designations) as you need.


1. Locate the Account menu.

To add a fund, navigate to your church group’s finance team on and select Account in the left-hand navigation menu.



2. Select Add Fund

This section holds all the information you provided upon signup, like your contact, organizational, and financial details. Importantly, this is also where you can add new funds. To add a fund, scroll to the bottom of the page and select Add Fund.


3. Add fund details.

Provide a fund name and ledger number if applicable. If the fund is temporary, add an optional start and expiration date. Click Save when you're done.  


To make adjustments to an existing fund, click the more options icon on the right. From here, you can edit the fund’s name and ledger number or deactivate the fund altogether if you no longer want it to display as an option for your givers.

Faithlife Giving gathers deactivated funds below. To activate an inactive fund, select Activate. It will return to the active funds list and will now display as an option for your givers.

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