Add Sermons to Your Website




Distributing sermons on your Faithlife Site is nearly automatic. Add sermons to your free Faithlife Sermons account and your website will update for you.


Add Sermons to Faithlife Sermons

To add sermons to your website, navigate to your church website. If you’re not logged into your Faithlife account, click Sign in. Once you’ve signed in, click Edit Site in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.


Your website distributes sermons via widgets, which are blocks of space on your page that hold content. Widgets are connected, so when you edit a widget’s content, it updates across your site.


Because Faithlife Sites are created with churches in mind, every website contains a “Sermons” page by default. Navigate to the Sermons page and then click Upload Sermons.



You’ll be redirected to Faithlife Sermons, which houses all your sermon content and even makes it easy to batch upload (click batch upload at the top of your screen). Because you’re logged into your Faithlife account, you won’t even have to sign in.



You can include detailed metadata like the speaker, a cover image, the sermon series, Bible passages, topics, tags, and much more. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for visitors to find your sermons. Once you’ve added your information, click Save.


Your sermon will be automatically available on your website. To upload additional sermons, navigate to, sign in, and add your sermons. With a Sites Premium subscription, you’ll have access to a full 50 gigabytes of sermon storage.



Adjust Sermon Widgets Design

Each sermon widget can be designed to fit the surrounding webpage. Select the widget’s blue edit icon. The Sermons List widget editor displays with a full range of design options. When finished, click Save.


These design changes will stay with this individual sermon widget. You can adjust the design of additional sermon widgets on your website using the same method.


Automatic Sermon Uploads with Faithlife Proclaim

If you use Faithlife Proclaim, uploading sermons to your website is even easier. After recording your sermon, Proclaim will display a Sermon Recording window.



Add any desired metadata, edit your audio, and then click Publish when you’re done.



Proclaim will publish your sermon to Faithlife Sermons along with the recorded slides. Additionally, it will post your sermon in your Church Group on and auto-update your website.

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