Change Design Theme

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You can quickly preview and change to another professionally-designed theme from your website’s settings.

1. Sign into your Faithlife Site.

Navigate to your Faithlife Site, select Sign In, and log in with your Faithlife account.


2. Enter Edit mode.

Click Edit Site in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.


3. Select the Design tab. 

The left-hand panel displays three tabs. Click the second tab, Design.


4. Choose your design theme and variant.

Themes are professionally-designed website templates. Design variants and font styles present options on the selected theme. As you select different font styles or design variants your website will update in realtime. Don’t worry, these changes aren’t public until you publish your changes, so you’re free to find the right look.

Note: Some themes include preset variants while others include more custom options, like color and typography parings.

If you want to change the theme entirely, select Change theme.


Select a theme to preview it.


5. Publish your changes.

To secure your changes and make them public, select Publish changes in the top right-hand corner and your site will instantaneously update.


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