Bible Trivia

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Want to engage your congregation without even trying? With Proclaim Bible Trivia you can. It's a unique service item that cycles through trivia questions that your congregation can answer in real time on their mobile devices. A leaderboard keeps track of the congregants with the most correct answers and displays them periodically on the screen. Bible trivia sessions can be set to last for any period of time, long or short.

There are lots of fun and educational ways to use Bible trivia. To get started, follow the steps below.

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Adding Bible Trivia to a Presentation

Begin by navigating to the Add Item menu at the top of the screen and selecting the Bible Trivia service item. Choose a visual theme to style the appearance of the service item, then set the duration for however long you want the trivia to appear on screen.



Remember: members of your congregation can only answer Bible trivia while you're on air showing the trivia slide.


Answering Bible Trivia

To answer trivia questions, first publish a bulletin of the presentation. A draft bulletin is created in your church group for every presentation in your presentation group. Navigate to your church group's page on and select the Bulletins tab.



Click on the presentation that contains the Bible Trivia you want to present. At the top of the screen, select Publish.

Note: once you click Publish your bulletin will be available to all members of your church group.

Once published, anyone in your church group can view the digital bulletin and answer the trivia questions in real time while your presentation is on air.



For each correct answer a participant is awarded one point. These points are tallied on a leaderboard that is displayed periodically during the Bible Trivia service item's duration. Read on below to find out more about the leaderboard and how to interact with it.


Fun Ways to Use Bible Trivia

There are some great ways to use Bible trivia. Listed below are several fun ways to engage your congregation with Bible trivia:

Pre-service loop - insert a Bible trivia slide into the pre-service loop before a service and have it run for a minute or two at a time. Congregants who arrive early will have a chance to test their knowledge.




Youth group - add a fun trivia section to the end of a youth service or youth group meeting to quiz younger members of the congregation.

Prizes - at the end of each month, award the most successful trivia participant with a prize for their astuteness.

You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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