How Do I Upload My Own Custom Fonts to Proclaim?

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While Proclaim includes many popular fonts, you can also upload custom fonts for your whole team to use from the Fonts Settings.

If your congregation frequently uses foreign language characters (e.g., Greek, Chinese, etc.) custom fonts can speed up your rendering times in Proclaim. Many fonts are available for free online and include full character sets for other languages.

1. Navigate to the fonts setting.

Expand Settings and select Fonts.

Settings Menu Open With Fonts Option Highlighted

2. Import fonts.

Click Import… in the fonts settings.

Fonts Settings With Import Button Highlighted

Navigate to the font file(s) on your computer (in .otf or .ttf format) and click Open. You can import multiple font files at the same time if needed.

Finder With Fonts Selected And Open Button Highlighted

3. Confirm permission.

Proclaim confirms which fonts you’ve selected for import. You can only use fonts that you have permission to use. Check I have permission to use the font(s) listed on multiple computers and click Add.

Import Fonts Popu With Permissions Checked And Add Button Highlighted

4. View and use fonts.

Your imported fonts will display in the fonts settings.

Fonts Settings Showing Imported Local Fonts

Note: You may need to exit out of and return to Settings or restart Proclaim if your imported fonts don’t display automatically.

When changing the font to a text box in edit mode, your imported fonts will show at the top of the font menu, NOT in the alphabetical list of default fonts.

Content Slide With Local Font Showing

Note: Remember, any fonts you upload to Proclaim will be available to your entire presentation team.

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