How Do I Undo Edits I've Made?

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You can undo or redo edits in Proclaim from the button in the top menu, by right-clicking, or with a keyboard shortcut. 


To undo actions in Proclaim:

  • Click the Undo button in the top bar (left facing arrow)
  • Right-click and select Undo
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z (or ⌘CMD + Z on Mac)

To redo actions in Proclaim:

  • Click the Redo button in the top bar (right facing arrow)
  • Right-click and select Redo
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Z (or ⌘CMD + Shift + Z on Mac)


Undo/Redo in Proclaim

Most actions in Proclaim are undoable. Adding items, moving items, changing their textfield's positions and styling, adding and deleting foreground images, etc. 

As you undo and redo, Proclaim will move you back to the item where the action took place. For example, if I take the following actions:

  1. add an item
  2. change the font
  3. select another item

if I hit undo, Proclaim will select the previous item where it undid the font change. This goes for tabs too when working with alternate content. Learn more about alternate content.

Note: One caveat is when your focus is in a textfield. Currently, undo/redo is available when editing text content only via the shortcuts or by right clicking in the field itself.


Text Styling and Layout Reset

The layout section also includes a master reset for text styling and layout. If you make changes to a Smart Media slide and decide to go back to the original text styling and position, click the Reset Customizations button  above the service item preview.

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