How Do I Undo Edits I've Made?

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You can undo or redo edits in Proclaim from the edit menu, by right-clicking, or with a keyboard shortcut. 

To undo actions in Proclaim:

  • Right-click and select Undo
  • Expand the Edit menu and select Undo
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z (or ⌘CMD + Z on Mac)

To redo actions in Proclaim:

  • Right-click and select Redo
  • Expand the Edit menu and select Redo
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Z (or ⌘CMD + Shift + Z on Mac)


Undo/Redo Areas in Proclaim

You can undo and redo actions in three separate areas in Proclaim. Each section keeps independent track of your changes, providing precision to each change. To undo/redo changes, select any item in the area and undo or redo a change. 

  • Service Order: Undo/redo changes to service order. (If you remove an existing item and then restore it, Proclaim restores the original unedited item.)
  • Content: Undo/redo changes to content (Undo/redo is not available on some changes like date/time.)
  • Layout: Undo/redo changes to slide background, text styles, and text formatting

Note: For instance, if you add text to your slide, change styling, move an item in your service order, and then decide you want to undo the added text, select the content panel and undo your changes without undoing the service item order move or the styling of your slide.


Text Styling and Layout Reset

The layout section also include a master reset for text styling and layout. If you make changes to a Smart Media slide and decide to go back to the original text styling and position, click the Reset Customizations button  above the service item preview.

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