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Display and Audio Inputs

You can adjust your display and audio inputs from the Settings menu.

Display Inputs

Expand Settings menu and select Display. Proclaim distributes your various output feeds as Virtual Screens. For each virtual screen, assign a screen type (slides, confidence, notes, or alternate content) and choose an aspect ration (16:10, 16:9, or 4:3). You can also provide custom names for each virtual screen from the screen’s Settings ().

Whatever monitors/projectors are connected to your computer show below in the Outputs section. Assign a virtual screen to each output. The screen showing the Proclaim interface should show “(Application)” after the display type.

Note: Learn more about using Proclaim with external displays.

Audio Inputs

Expand Settings menu and select Audio. Choose from available audio options and adjust the input volume in necessary. Record a sample to test your audio levels.

Note: If you’re recording your service, a volume indicator in Edit or Preview mode appears next to the Recordings tab at the top of the main window when you’re recording. Learn more about configuring Proclaim to automatically record sermon audio.

Present Live: Going On Air

To present from the first slide, click On Air or press F5 on your keyboard.

Note: If you want to present starting with a specific slide, right-click it in the order of service panel on the left and select Go On Air or press Shift + F5 on your keyboard.

Proclaim presentations follow the chronological order of service. It contains four sections:

  • Pre-Service Loop: auto-looping slides that play before your service
  • Warm-Up: this section begins automatically in time to show each service item once before auto-transitioning to your service section
  • Service: slides that display during your actual service and require manual navigation
  • Post-Service Loop: continually cycles until you take Proclaim Off Air

Note: Learn more about Proclaim’s order of service.

The Pre-Service Loop and Warm-Up do not require manual navigation. Let Proclaim auto-transition to the Service section to ensure your service starts on time. In other words, once you go On Air, let Proclaim auto-advance your presentation until the start date/time set. The first item of your Service section will show at that time so you can manually advance the slides for your service.

Control Your Presentation

When you go On Air Proclaim goes into Preview mode, which lets you control the presentation. The first two sections of the order of service, the Pre-Service Loop and Warm-Up, advance automatically. At the start time you set for your service, the first slide of your Service section displays. Single-clicking any slide in will navigate to it in your live presentation. To navigate through your slides in order, use the Left/Right arrows on the screen or the directional arrows.

Note: You can also control Proclaim presentations with the free Proclaim Remote app.

You can preview your content in two modes:

  1. Full preview : A large preview shows in the middle of your screen. The left-hand panel displays an overview of your presentation while the timeline panel below shows each advance.

  2. Grid view : Show a smaller preview in the top right-hand corner and a full grid showing each slide in your presentation in the middle of the screen for maximum context.

Note: Service items can contain multiple slides. This structure keeps your service order compact while also showing each individual advance below in the timeline.

Edit Slides while On Air

To edit slides and songs while you’re On Air, switch from Preview to Edit mode at the top of the main window. The service will continue normally when you switch.

Single-click on any slide to select it for edits. Double-click on any slide to navigate to it. Changes you make to the currently shown slide are displayed instantly to your audience. Proclaim will automatically spread your text out over several slides if necessary, but you can also manually create slide breaks or change content. For example:

  • For a sermon/content slide: Select the slide break icon or type two hyphens () in the text editor. (Learn more about working with text in Proclaim.)
  • For a song slide: Click on the custom verse bar just beneath the song title. The verse bar determines the order of each verse on the screen and lists verses/choruses you can add. (Learn more about working with songs in Proclaim.)

Quick Screens

Quick screens are hot-keyed slides you can quickly put on the screen to temporarily replace the currently shown slide. Quickly show only the background for the current slide to make a quick edit, display your church logo, or add a verse animation on the fly.

When you’re finished with any Quick Screen, select Last shown to return to the planned presentation.

On-Screen Messages

During the service, you may need to communicate with your speaker or worship leader. To send a message to the stage through your confidence monitor, click TO STAGE and select a predefined message or provide a custom one.

To display a message for the entire congregation to see on screen, enter a message in the crawl text or pager fields. A small rotating banner communicates your message. When finished, clear the message by click the corresponding X.

Note: You can change the styling and the placement of congregation-facing messages from the Display Settings in the main settings menu.

Audio Output Levels

If you’re playing music with slides or viewing a video, you can adjust the audio output in Preview mode. Beneath any slide with audio an adjustable volume level appears. Changing the level saves it for all other service items with audio.

Go Off Air and Publish Audio

The final order of service section, the Post-Service Loop continuously loops until you go Off Air. Press the Escape key on your keyboard or deselect On Air. If you recorded your service, a sermon recording window appears showing your captured audio and slides together. Provide important details about the sermon, edit in-program, or even transcribe the sermon. Click Publish to post the sermon to your website, your church group on Faithlife.com, and anywhere else your church posts sermons before you leave the building.

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