Troubleshooting Video Playback Issues

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Are your videos choppy, freezing, or of poor quality in general? There are a number of reasons video playback may be poor. Here’s how to determine what’s wrong and how to fix it.


Are you running Windows 7?

An issue with Windows Media Player can cause this behavior. We’ve filed a bug report with Microsoft, but your best bet is to upgrade all the way to Windows 10. This upgrade usually takes care of most of these playback issues.


Are your drivers up to date?

If your video used to work great in Proclaim and now doesn’t, you may just need to update your video drivers. This is pretty simple to do, and sometimes it’s all Proclaim needs to be happy with the rest of your system.


What’s your graphics card?

Often, PCs will come with an integrated Intel HD or AMD FirePro graphics card that work great for browsing and general use, but aren’t ideal for a program like Proclaim.

Because computers come with all sorts of different hardware configurations these cards may actually work well in your system, and you may be able to run Proclaim just fine. But combined with low RAM, this is a likely culprit of your video woes. Consider upgrading your graphics card to something with dedicated memory.


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