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Proclaim lets you use Smart Media templates that others in the community have made, as well as share your own. To view community media, select Media > Browse media, then select the Community Media facet in the Collections section.


Just like Pro and Partner media, Community media are organized by series. All Community media are part of a series owned by your presentation group. You can add to a series your group made, but you can’t add to a series another group started. Instead, Proclaim will create a new series with the same name.


To create a Smart Media template from scratch, select Media > Create Smart Media. You can also create a template from your Group Uploads by selecting the media you wish to use, then clicking Customize Smart Media.


Once you’ve created your template, enter a title, description, tags, and language if applicable. You must include a title to publish to the community. When you're ready to share your media, click the box next to Publish to Proclaim community.




Add your media to a series your group has already created, or create a new one. Click “Publish” to let the rest of the community view your template. Now, anyone in Proclaim will be able to add it to their presentation.


Note: Just like normal Pro or Partner Media, you can modify community media, but you won’t be able to publish it to the community. Only people in your group will be able to modify and publish variations of your media.


Sort by most popular or trending media to see how your templates stack up against what other people are using, and add ratings to the media you like.

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