What are Quick Screens?

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Quick Screens are screens you can temporarily show at anytime while On Air, without adding them to your presentation ahead of time.

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Customize Quick Screens

Expand Settings and select Quick Screens.

To view each Quick Screen while On Air, check Show. Quick Screen settings sync to your team’s computers, so any screen you set to Show will also appear on your other connected computers.

Note: Any Quick Screen with a keyboard shortcut can be used during your presentation, even if you do not mark it to Show. Not all Quick Screens include keyboard shortcuts.

Some Quick Screens include additional customization options (details below).


Use Quick Screens during Presentations

While On Air and in Preview mode, any Quick Screens you’ve toggled to Show in the Quick Screen Settings will show on the right. Select a Quick Screen on the right or use the keyboard shortcut (each option detailed below).

To return to your presentation, click Last shown or press the keyboard shortcut (F12 on Windows or ⌘ + R on a Mac). You can also select a planned service item in the timeline below to return to your presentation.


Quick Screen Details

Here are full details for each possible Quick Screen. You can configure each Quick Screen in the Settings menu as shown above.

Custom Quick Screens

Proclaim provides two customizable quick screens. Choose a background to display as the custom quick screen and provide a name. Custom quick screens do not have keyboard shortcuts.

Logo Quick Screen

Quickly show a branded screen with your church logo. To change the image that displays, expand Background and add existing media from your media browser or upload any image from your computer.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut: F11
  • Mac keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + L

Note: Learn more about customizing your Logo Quick Screen.

Blank Quick Screen

Replaces the current presentation content with an all-black slide. Sometimes a blank screen can save you from an embarrassing moment or simply help set the tone.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut: F10
  • Mac keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + B

On-Screen Bible Quick Screen

Animate live to any Bible passage with the On-Screen Bible. Have more than one verse you want to show? Enter as many references as you need and Proclaim will animate them seamlessly. Choose from dozens of Bibles, select your styling, and choose a color scheme. You can also add the On-Screen Bible to your presentation as a regular service item (learn more).

  • Windows keyboard shortcut: F9
  • Mac keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + O

Note: You must have an internet connection to display the On-Screen Bible.

Animated Text Screens

Temporarily display an overlayed, animated word—“Amen!”, “Hallelujah!”, “Praise the Lord!”, “He is Risen!” or “He is Risen Indeed!”—to your audience. Use these buttons as many times as you want during any service item!

  • Windows keyboard shortcut: F4
  • Mac keyboard shortcut: F4

Floating Hearts and Floating Amen Quick Screens

Activate to display small floating hearts or a floating “Amen!” at the bottom of the screen. These animations will disappear quickly and can be clicked multiple times to display multiple animations on the same slide. The Floating Amen and Floating Heart Quick Screens can also be configured to Allow congregation to initiate. When viewing your digital bulletin, anyone can send floating amens or hearts to your On Air presentation. Learn more about on-screen affirmations.

No keyboard shortcuts.

No Text / Text Quick Screen

This option displays whenever your current On Air service item includes foreground text. Choosing this option hides or shows the foreground text on the current slide. This is great for quickly making edits to the current item without leaving the screen black. This Quick Screen button is only visible if the current item has editable foreground text.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut: F8
  • Mac keyboard shortcut: ⌘ + T

Last Shown Quick Screen

When you select a Quick Screen that takes over your screen, the Last Shown Quick Screen option appears. To return to your presentation, click Last shown or press the keyboard shortcut (F12 on Windows or ⌘ + R on a Mac). You can also select a planned service item in the timeline below to return to your presentation.

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