What are Quick Screens?

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Quick Screens are convenient methods for quickly displaying content on the screen that is not part of the current presentation. The Quick Screen buttons can be accessed from Preview mode in the main application window or when On Air.



Access and customize your quick screens by navigating to the SettingsQuick Screens.


Here, you can choose which quick screens appear in Preview mode. Check or uncheck the box next to each quick screen to show or to hide it. You can also add a custom background to some quick screens.


Amen!, Hallelujah!, Praise the Lord! and He Is Risen Indeed! Quick Screens

Animates a temporary "Amen!", "Hallelujah!", or "Praise the Lord!" to your audience. Use these buttons as many times as you want on any service item!

  • Windows keyboard shortcut (Amen quick screen only) - F4
  • Mac keyboard shortcut (Amen quick screen only) - F4


Blank Quick Screen

Replaces the current presentation content with an all-black slide. Sometimes a blank screen can save you from an embarrassing moment or simply help set the tone.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut - F10
  • Mac keyboard shortcut - CMD + B


Custom Quick Screen

Choose a background to display as the custom quick screen. There are two total custom quick screens. Custom quick screens do not have keyboard shortcuts.


Logo Quick Screen

Great for when you need to bounce between the presentation and your church logo. See this article for how to change the background used for the Logo Quick Screen. 

  • Windows keyboard shortcut - F11
  • Mac keyboard shortcut - CMD + L


No Text / Text Quick Screen

Hide or show the foreground text on the current slide. This is great for quickly making edits to the current item without leaving the screen black, or just taking the words off the screen because that point has passed giving people no distractions. This Quick Screen button is only visible if the current item has editable foreground text.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut - F8
  • Mac keyboard shortcut - CMD + T


Floating Hearts and Floating Amen Quick Screens

Activate to display small floating hearts or a floating "Amen!" at the bottom of the screen. These animations will disappear quickly and can be clicked multiple times to display multiple animations on the same slide.

  • No keyboard shortcuts.


On-Screen Bible Quick Screen

Puts the scripture on the screen as quickly as possible. Simply click on the quick screen and type in the reference you want to display.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut - F9
  • Mac keyboard shortcut - CMD + O


Last Shown Quick Screen

Use this button to get back to where you came from when you're using a Quick Screen. This Quick Screen button is only visible if you're currently showing one of the other Quick Screens.

  • Windows keyboard shortcut - F12
  • Mac keyboard shortcut - CMD + R

Note: While you can choose how many quick screens you show, you can't add any more.

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