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Proclaim facilitates integration with PowerPoint, so you can bring your completed PowerPoint presentation directly into Proclaim.

Note: If you’ve never built a presentation within Proclaim, it’s easy to get started. Building your sermon directly in Proclaim gives you access to powerful features. Learn more about making the transition from PowerPoint to Proclaim.

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1. Locate Slideshow

Proclaim allows you to import a PowerPoint slideshow as a service item or as a presentation.

Import as a Service Item

Proclaim imports all the PowerPoint slides in the file and groups them under a single heading as an item in your presentation.

Click Add Item and hover over Import Item. Select PowerPoint…. Browse your computer to select your desired PowerPoint file and click Open.

Proclaim showing Add Item menu with import item highlighted

Import as a Presentation

Proclaim imports all the PowerPoint slides in the file as a new Proclaim presentation.

Note: This option works best when your PowerPoint slideshow is the first or only element to be added to a presentation.

From Proclaim, click File and hover over Import Presentation. Select PowerPoint…. Browse your computer to select your desired PowerPoint file and click Open.

Proclaim's File Menu With The Import Keynote Option Highlighted

2. Choose a Slideshow Format (Windows only)

On Windows machines, you can choose Convert to images or Transfer control to PowerPoint. Mac computers will automatically convert your PowerPoint to images. Select your preferred option and click ADD.

Convert to images

When you select this option, Proclaim converts each slide to an image, so PowerPoint does not need to be installed on the presenting computer. You can add items to this section (e.g. an On Screen Bible passage) as well as add content to the individual slides (e.g. insert a foreground image). You also have the option to delete or reorder your slides. Because Proclaim imports the PowerPoint slides as images, animations in a slide are not imported.

Proclaim With Imported Sermon Selected

Did you know? Many of the most used features in PowerPoint are available in Proclaim and can be accomplished with greater ease. Learn more here.

Transfer control to PowerPoint

When you select this option, Proclaim imports thumbnails of your PowerPoint presentation. 

Note: Due to formatting differences, your slides may not display properly in this mode within Proclaim. However, when you present, the slides display as you created them in PowerPoint.

You are not able to edit the slides in Proclaim. However, this is a dynamic option, so changes made to the PowerPoint slideshow are automatically updated in the Proclaim presentation. PowerPoint slide transitions and animations are unaffected. 

Note: The default setting for this option is Use on this computer only. If you want the slideshow to be available on other computers, uncheck the box. PowerPoint must be installed on the presenting computer.

3. Navigate Your Presentation

Proclaim seamlessly navigates your imported slideshow when your presentation is On Air. If you are using the Proclaim Remote, navigate your presentation as usual.

If you selected Transfer control to PowerPoint during the import process (Windows only), Proclaim uses PowerPoint to run your slideshow (Learn more about the Transfer control to PowerPoint option).

  • You do not need to have PowerPoint running at the time of the presentation.
  • Use the arrow keys to advance slides and trigger animations.
  • Because you transferred control to PowerPoint, Proclaim controls are inactive during the PowerPoint slideshow (i.e. features like Quick Screens are not available).
  • You may notice a flicker at the beginning of your presentation as Proclaim transfers control to PowerPoint and reclaims control at the end.

Note: Having trouble importing your presentation? Click here for solutions.

This video demonstrates some distinct advantages of using Proclaim for all of your presentation slides.




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