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Media is important, so stop creating your slides from scratch and start using Proclaim Smart Media. Save your congregation time by:

  • Automatically formatting the text on your slides to look great.
  • Remembering your church name, website, and social media links.
  • Periodically providing your church with their own customized welcome video.

Look for the Smart Media icon on any item in the Media Browser and add it into your presentation to begin!



Smart Media slides are designed with customized text boxes and a font color that matches the background. Enter all of the text you want to appear on your slides and corresponding text boxes will be created on your slides. Color, centering, dropshadow, font sizing and any other formatting is already done for you:



Proclaim Smart Media remembers all of your church's contact information, so you only have to enter it once. Simply select one of the custom text boxes from the dropdown menu and the information you have previously entered will be added to your slide:



Note that each service item has its own specific text boxes available from the custom text field menu (such as hymn number).

Proclaim saves you time inserting Bible verses into your presentation. Type in the reference and the text automatically appears on the slides. Choose from a variety of formatting options on the left to get your slides looking just right for your message:



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