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Proclaim’s Smart Media reformats your text automatically to fit with the slide background. You can access Smart Media in the Media Browser by selecting any media with a smart media icon .

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Did you know? You can create your own Smart Media by customizing an existing template to fit your needs or by creating one from scratch.


Benefits of Smart Media

Using Smart Media gives you greater control and flexibility over your presentation. When you apply Smart Media, your text updates automatically to match the template. Notice how Proclaim retains all the content, including the CCLI information and song details.

Smart Media also remembers your church’s information across your presentations, like your church’s name whenever it’s referenced by a Smart Media template.

Proclaim also remembers your church website. Enter it once and every time a Smart Media template includes your website in any future presentations, it displays automatically.

Proclaim remembers your social media information across presentations. Enter your handles once and Smart Media templates will display them anytime you add a social media slide in future presentations.

Note: Your customizations—including church information like your website and social media handles—sync to everyone else on your team.


How to Use Smart Media

You can find existing media in the Media Browser.

1. Open the Media Browser.

Expand Settings and select Media Browser.

Note: Proclaim comes prepackaged with more than 1,000 pieces of free media. If you want access to more Smart Media, consider subscribing to additional media packages to gain as many as 25,000 additional media resources.

2. Select Smart Media.

All Smart Media is marked with the Smart Media icon . Select media and either Add as a new item to add a new service item to your presentation or Apply as Smart Media to update the selected service item in Proclaim with the new media. Learn how to change multiple service items simultaneously.

Did you know? You can set Smart Media as the default media for song, Bible, announcement, or content service item type. Learn more.

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