Why Do My Computer Monitor and Projector Look the Same When On Air?

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Proclaim supports multiple outputs so you can display different content on each display while On Air. If your computer monitor and projector look identical when you go On Air, follow these directions to fix the problem.


Set Your Computer to Extend Displays

Ensure your computer views your projector as extended. 


  • Go to your Display Settings (Settings > Display). 
  • Ensure Multiple displays is set to Extend these displays (view Windows support help).


  • Go to your Display Arrangement Settings (System Preferences > Displays > Arrangement). 
  • Ensure Mirror displays is not checked (view Apple support help).

Set Your Computer to "Not Used" in Proclaim

Expand the Settings menu and select Display.

Identify your displays by clicking Identify. The numbers in the monitors list in Proclaim correspond to the large numbers shown on your connected monitors. Deselect Identity to remove them.

Note: Whatever monitor is connected to your computer will always display "(Application)" after the display type. 

Set your computer running Proclaim to Not Used. This allows you to view the Proclaim application and interact with your presentation while On Air. Set at least one output to show your slides. If you have only your computer and a single, congregation-facing projector attached, your set up should look like the image below.

Note: If you only have two inputs (like above) and you change the second monitor to something other than "Slides," your computer's monitor will automatically show the slides and you won't be able to interact with your presentation while On Air.  

Test your set up by going On Air. For more questions about configuring your display outputs, click here.

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