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Proclaim has eleven different types of service items, plus audio recording cues. Each service item may include one or multiple slides, depending on its content. You can add any service item from the Add Item menu. 

Explore each service item below to discover how they can save you time and engage your audience.



Proclaim Smart Media simplifies the process for adding songs to your presentation. After adding a song item, add the title of your song to auto-populate the lyrics below. You can access lyrics from the Faithlife Hymnbase, link your SongSelect account, or add your lyrics directly through Proclaim. You can also Import lyrics from another program for immediate availability My Songs.

Want to change the verse order in your song? You can manipulate the song order with the verse labels. Change the background of your song and Proclaim takes care of the styling for you.

Do you have a bilingual congregation? Learn how you can show song lyrics in more than one language.



Proclaim saves you time by creating Bible verse slides for you. Enter your reference; choose your preferred Bible and background; and Proclaim automatically enters the text and formats each slide.

Bible service items contain several options to customize your slide layout and make your message more powerful. Highlight the words of Christ in red or choose the formatting style you want and Proclaim makes the changes for you.


On-Screen Bible

The On-Screen Bible is a great way to show a Bible verse with an engaging custom animation. Select your preferred Bible and type a reference. The On-Screen Bible comes with several styles and colors to choose from so you get the scripture looking just right. 

During a live presentation, you can quickly generate the On-Screen Bible from the menu or by pressing Ctrl + Shift + O (⌘ + Shift + O on Mac). Within seconds of the speaker mentioning a passage, you can show it on the screen. You can even add several references at once and then move through them one at a time.



Content service items offer the broadest slide selection from sermon titles to social media to welcome slides. Choose a pre-made message or inspiring sermon topic from our Pro Media selection. You can also add your own content to the Smart Media boxes.

Does your church use social media? Each Pro Media series includes easy-to-create social media slides that remember your church’s info.

Want to include a Bible verse on a content slide? Embed references directly in a content slide and Proclaim renders them from your favorite Bible automatically.

Learn to fade in text to make your sermon points more powerful, or insert simple slide breaks to make your content more digestible.

Did you know? If you’re a Logos 8 user, you can export your favorite passages, verse art, and much more directly to content slides in Proclaim. Click here to find out how.


The announcement service item simplifies creating announcement slides. Enter your information and find a theme you like. Proclaim takes the details you want and lays them out on the slides for you.

Proclaim accepts a wide range of natural language inputs such as “this Wednesday at 5:30” or “next weekend” and automatically displays the correct dates on your slides.

Proclaim integrates with the Faithlife mobile apps to automatically send Announcement items using signals. Anyone following along can add the event to their calendar with a single tap.

Calendar events from can be imported into Proclaim with a single click. To learn how, click here. You can learn more about announcements from our Proclaim Pro Training video.


Videos engage your audience, whether it’s a song or a clip from a speaker that you’d like to share. You only need to import a video from your machine once, and it’s permanently available to your group from any machine, anywhere, for any presentation. You can also add web-based videos from YouTube or Vimeo. 

Looking for some inspiration? Proclaim Pro Media includes hundreds of beautiful verse art animations that are perfect videos to cycle through your pre- or post-service loops.

Note: Videos over 600MB can only be added to a presentation locally and must be uploaded on the presentation computer.

Image Slide Show

Image slideshows allow you to present a collection of photos from a mission trip or church event without crowding the Order of Service with multiple service items. Use an image slideshow to cycle Bible art slideshows before or after a service to display Scripture in a beautiful, meaningful way.

You can drag and drop images into an image slideshow? Set them to auto-advance and repeat or shuffle in the edit pane.

Note: If you import from PowerPoint or Keynote, Proclaim automatically converts your presentation into an image slideshow.

Web Page

Proclaim allows you to add a webpage directly to your presentation. The website is embedded into the presentation and can be navigated from within the presentation.

This is a great way to show off a new website, demonstrate how to start your online giving, or show a missionary’s blog to the church. Additionally, you can present web-based presentations (e.g., Google Slides) or embed YouTube or Vimeo videos into your Proclaim presentation.

Remember: while in Edit mode you will only see the website favicon until you Preview or go On Air.

Bible Trivia

Automatically cycle through Proclaim’s database of trivia questions and watch your congregation answer them in real time. The Bible Trivia item has a leaderboard and customizable appearance, as well as a control for the number of questions and how long each question appears on the screen.

Note: In order for congregation members to play Bible Trivia and keep score on their mobile devices, you’ll need an affiliated church group and a published church bulletin. Find out more about how to set up and play Bible Trivia here.


Proclaim allows you to engage the audience with Surveys. Create a survey question, add the possible choices, and choose the display format. Proclaim creates a slide, and congregants can respond to the survey with their mobile devices. Proclaim records and tabulates the results.

You can choose to display live results or show them at a later point in your presentation using the Survey Results service item.


You can record any part of your sermon using our unique audio recording feature. Recording always occurs during the service items that are between recording cues. You can also include confidence monitor and stage direction cues to guide those leading your service.

You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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