Order of Service Overview

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You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

Faithlife Proclaim advances beyond more static presentation programs by automating much of your in-service work. If you’re coming from a more traditional presentation software, understanding the Order of Service is often the most important step to benefitting immediately from Proclaim.




The Order of Service displays in the left-hand panel.

How it Works

Once you set your start service time and go On Air, Proclaim automatically moves through the Pre-Service Loop and Warm-Up sections of your Order of Service before displaying the first slide of your Service section at the start time you provided. When you reach the Service section, manually advance to move through your service items. Once you click through the final item of your Service section, Proclaim cycles through your Post-Service Loop until you go Off Air.

Note: Learn more about each Order of Service section below.

Set Your Service Time

Before you can benefit from the Order of Service, you need to set your service start time, as this tells Proclaim when to advance from section to section in time for your service. Select the time in the top-right corner of the Service section and enter your start time.

Did you know? You can add multiple service start times separated by commas or semicolons.

With your service time set, click On Air to enter your pre-service loop. Proclaim will auto-advance until it's time to show the Service section.

Understand Each Section

1. Pre-Service Loop

The Pre-Service Loop begins playing as soon as you go On Air and continuously loops before your service. As people enter your auditorium, the loop will display announcements, Bible passages, and whatever else you include until it’s time to show the Warm-up section.  The length each item in your pre-service loop will show on-screen before auto-advancing displays to the right of each item and the total time for the entire section shows above to the right of the words Pre-Service Loop.

Note: Learn how to customize the pre-service loop timing.

2. Warm-Up

The Warm-Up serves as a countdown to the service. It’s useful for showing a welcome screen, reminding your people to silence their phones, or presenting a countdown timer so everyone knows when the service will begin. Because you told Proclaim when your service begins when you set your service time (above), it will automatically transition from the Pre-Service Loop to the Warm-Up at just the right time to allow the warm-up to play through once.

Note: The Warm-Up will only play once by design; any slides that you want to loop should be placed in the Pre-Service Loop. Learn how how to make the most of your Warm-Up.

3. Service

Proclaim will display the first item of your Service section at the start time you provided for your service. The service section holds the items that will display during your actual service. By default, the Service section is the only section that requires you to manually advance—although you can also set any of these items to auto-advance.

4. Post-Service Loop

As you move through the final slide in your service section, Proclaim displays your Post-Service Loop. It works similarly to the Pre-Service Loop. Any content in this section will continue to cycle through until you take Proclaim Off Air.

Note: To move any item from one section to another, click and drag. You can select a group of adjacent items by holding the shift key and clicking on the first and last item. To select multiple non-adjacent items, hold down command on a Mac or control on a PC and select each item individually. If you want to copy items to use in another section, right-click and select Duplicate after selecting the slide(s) you want to duplicate. Select the duplicated items and drag them to the new spot in your presentation.

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