Custom Slide Order for Songs

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By default, Proclaim displays your song in the same order as it exists in your database. You can, however, customize a song’s verse order in your presentation. Once you enter your desired verse order, Proclaim creates and orders your song slides in the sequence you specified and saves the customization for use in later presentations.

1. Add a Song.

Add a song item to your presentation and enter a title to search My Songs (songs you have created, imported, or customized), your linked CCLI SongSelect database (if available), and the Faithlife Hymnbase (public domain hymns).

Learn more about adding songs or linking to your SongSelect account from Proclaim.


2. Label Your Song Sections

Use braces ("{Verse 1}", "{Chorus}", eg) to label your lyrics with the song sections. Section headings you add will appear in the drop down when you enable the custom verse order.

Did you know: You can show chords in the confidence monitor? Learn more.


3. Enable Custom Verse Order.

Beneath the title of the song is the verse order. Check the verse bar box on the left to create a custom verse order.

3. Customize the Verse Order.

Adjust the order by entering or removing a section heading in the verse bar. Click the verse in the verse bar to display a dropdown menu and insert your desired section or use a shorthand notation (see below for a full list).

If you want to repeat a chorus, verse, bridge, etc., add a comma and repeat the section heading in the verse bar. Proclaim will repeat that section of your song.

Note: The verse bar enables customization without removing lyrics from your database. The verse bar tells Proclaim which lyrics to show in your presentation. The song lyrics below contain the full lyrics in your database. Keeping these two sections separate gives you full customization without making destructive changes to your database. In other worse, changes to the verse order do not affect the song order in your database. Repeating or deleting a section from the verse order does not create additional lyrics in the database or remove sections from the song in the database. The verse bar simply tells Proclaim what lyrics to show/hide from your database during your presentation.

For example:

The verse order for this song is the first verse (Verse 1) followed by the first chorus (Chorus 1). The database version of this song includes an Interlude 1, but it has been removed from this rendition. After the second and third verses (V2 and V3), the chorus is sung again (C1), followed by the second Interlude (Interlude 2). The song ends by singing the second chorus (C2) and the first chorus (C1). To sing the second chorus again before concluding with the first chorus, place the cursor next to C2 and add as many repetitions as you desire by entering C2, separating each one with a comma.


You can even create a custom verse name that is not included in Proclaim by adding brackets to that label. Bracketed verse tags appear in the custom verse bar.

Note: Proclaim saves any customized songs you create to My Songs. This means if you always sing a song the same way, you don’t have to customize the song each time. When you add the song lyrics, select the version under My Songs to sing your customized verse order. You can also add a custom song from a previous presentation by reusing an item.

Verse Order Shorthand Notation

Proclaim permits certain shorthand notations for quick use in the custom verse bar. While On Air, you can quickly jump to song slides by pressing a shorthand notation.


Here is a full list of options and the shorthand notations you can use:

Verse tag:   Shorthand notation:
Verse   V, V1, 1
Chorus   C1
Pre-chorus   P1
Bridge   B
Tag   T
Title   T (if Tag is not present)
Interlude   I
Blank   B (Bridge prioritizes over blank)
[Custom]   First letter of custom tag


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