How do I use an Embedded Bible Verse?

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Quickly add a passage to a slide by embedding the reference. Enter your Bible reference surrounded by double brackets (e.g. [[John 3:16]]) in any content item. Proclaim adds the passage to your slide from your default Bible.

1. View any Content service item.

Select a content service item or add a new one from the Add Item menu.

2. Add a reference.

Add any Bible reference surrounded by double square brackets.

Proclaim will instantly embed the Bible passage in your presentation using the same styling as your content item. If your passage includes too much text for a single slide, Proclaim will automatically create as many slides as it needs to display the Bible reference.

3. Make styling adjustments.

By default, embedded Bible verses use the same styling and translation as the most recently added Bible service item. You can, however, make adjustments to this default styling when adding an embedded verse:

  • Add a different translation: add a Bible abbreviation in parentheses following the reference (view a full list of Bibles included in Proclaim)
  • Add a styling customization: add a semicolon (;) after the bracketed verse translation and add any of the following customizations separated by commas.

Full list of customizations: 


  Customization   Explanation
  blockparagraphs   Formats the Bible verse using block paragraphs.
  oneverseperslide   Limits the embedded reference to once verse per slide.
  sectionheadings   Adds section headings to your embedded Bible reference.
  wordsinred   Displays Christ's words in red font.
  noversenumbers   Removes verse numbers from your embedded reference.


Example input: [[Psalm 90:16–17 (NIV2011); noversenumbers, blockparagraphs]]


You can install Proclaim on as many computers as you need. If you need to install Proclaim on a new computer, download it here.

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