How Do I Show Slides on Multiple Monitors?

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You can show your presentation on multiple projectors with Proclaim. Set as many outputs to “Slides” in the Display Settings to show your public-facing presentation on those outputs.


1. Connect all outputs to your computer.

Ensure each monitor/projector/screen is powered on and connected to your machine running Proclaim. Make sure your computer views the additional displays as extended.

Next, expand the Settings menu in Proclaim and select Display. All outputs properly connected to your computer will show under Outputs.



Note: Learn more about correctly connecting your outputs. 

2. Identify each output.

Identify which display is which by clicking Identify. The numbers in the monitors list in Proclaim correspond to the large numbers shown on each connected monitor. Deselect Identity to remove the numbers.

Note: Whatever monitor is connected to your computer will always display "(Application)" after the display type. You want to set that output to Not Used so you can control your presentation while On Air. 

3. Set your desired outputs to slides.

Set all outputs on which you want to show you presentation to Slides. This setting shows the presentation in its public-facing form. 

4. Test your outputs.

When you've finished setting up your monitors, select the X to exit Settings and test your monitors by going On Air

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