How can I import songs from EasyWorship to Proclaim?

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EasyWorship does not have a built-in export feature. If you have EasyWorship 6, you can find your song database on your hard drive and import it directly into Proclaim.

Locate the Songs.DB on your hard drive by using the search feature.


In Proclaim, go to Media > Import Media > Song Lyrics…


Click Choose song files…, then select the files Songs.db and SongWords.db and click Open.




Proclaim will show you the songs from the import. Click Import All to import your songs.

Note: You may see an error message instead of your song lyrics. This means that your version of EasyWorship 6 is not new enough for Proclaim to import your songs. You will need to open them using OpenLP.


Importing using OpenLP

If you have an older version of EasyWorship, you will have to use OpenLP to export your songs.

OpenLP adds export functionality to EasyWorship. We're not able to help you with this on the phone, but you can follow these instructions to get your song files from EasyWorship into Proclaim.

On your hard drive, locate the Songs.DB file by using the search feature. In OpenLP, navigate to the File menu, then select Import and Song.



In the Song Import Wizard, select the EasyWorship Song Database format and enter the filepath for the Songs.DB file you located earlier.



Once the database has finished being imported, select Finish. The original EasyWorship database file is now imported into OpenLP and can be exported to text files by following the instructions found in this link.

Note: once you have exported your song lyrics from OpenLP you will have to import them into Proclaim. Click here to learn how.

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