How Do I Update my Proclaim Software Manually?

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When you have an active internet connection, Proclaim automatically downloads and installs updates. However, if an update has not installed or temporarily got skipped, you can update Proclaim manually.

1. Confirm your version of Proclaim.

Click Help and select About Proclaim.

Viewing About Proclaim Menu Item

The status of your version appears below the Copyright notice.

Note: At the bottom of the Help menu is a service status indicator. Select this indicator to view any recent service outages.

2. Check for updates.

If the status reads Proclaim is up to date, click Check again. This confirms that you have the latest version of Proclaim.

Check Proclaim Version Manually

If the status reads Update available, the newest available version number is displayed in parentheses. Click Download.

Download New Updates

3. Restart Proclaim.

After downloading updates, close Proclaim and restart the program in order for the updates to be applied. A green circled check mark to the right of the On Air button indicates that you have the latest version of Proclaim running on your computer, and it is up to date.

View Green Sync Arrow

Note: Are you having problems updating Proclaim? Contact support via chat or send an email to

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