What is the Breadcrumb Bar and how do I use it?

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As you apply filters in the Media Browser and search for media, the names of the filters show up at the top of the Media Browser (in the order of what has been applied). This is the Breadcrumb Bar—it displays your search filters in the order in which they were applied (giving you 'breadcrumbs' to retrace your search trail). It also allows you to remove a filter to broaden your search.

First, open the Media Browser and go to your preferred tab. Now, apply a search filter of your choice. You will notice that the search filter is added to the Breadcrumb Bar. Use the search bar to enter in some search text for your next filter. The search text will be placed in the Breadcrumb Bar after the first filter you chose.



Open one of the single media series by clicking on the series name over in the right column of the Media Browser.

Note: the series name shows up at the end of the Breadcrumb Bar.

You can remove search filters if you make a search too specific and no results show up. Clicking the X next to the filter name in the Breadcrumb bar will remove the filter and broaden your search.


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