How do I link my SongSelect account?

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Link your SongSelect account directly to Proclaim to add any SongSelect song in Proclaim.



Link your SongSelect account to Proclaim

Add a song from SongSelect to your presentation


Link your SongSelect account to Proclaim

SongSelect by CCLI is an excellent resource for you and your congregation to find inspiring songs for your service. If you have a SongSelect account your entire library will be available directly through Proclaim!

1. Select Link Your Accounts from the account menu. 

Expand the account menu and select Link Your Accounts.


2. Enter your SongSelect credentials and click Allow.

Every SongSelect song you have access to is now available for use in Proclaim. If you have problems linking your SongSelect account, you we can help you fix them

Note: Each person in your group will need to enter credentials to access the SongSelect library, but once a song is added and synced to your presentation, everyone in your group will see it.


Add a song from SongSelect to your presentation

With SongSelect linked to your Proclaim account, you can quickly add any SongSelect song to your presentation.

1. Add a new song item.

Select Song from the Add Item menu.


2. Add a background. 

Select Browse Media from the Background dropdown menu to add a background to your song slide. 


Once you find a background, apply it to your current slide. When you Apply as Smart Media, the slides text styling will automatically update as you make changes to it. 


3. Search for a song.

In the search field, add a song title. The populated list will now include songs from SongSelect. To preview a song's lyrics, hover over the title and the lyrics will display to the right.


Three categories of songs display. 

  • My Songs: any songs you've imported or used before in your presentation
  • SongSelect CCLI: any songs linked to via your SongSelect Account
  • Faithlife Hymnbase: any songs linked to from

4. Select a song.

Once you add a song, all the attached metadata (i.e., copyright info, your personal CCLI number, etc.) also enters your presentation. 


To adjust which verses or choruses display, add, move, or remove items from the verse bar.

For Example: The song item above is currently set to Verse 1, Chorus, Verse 2, Verse 3, Chorus, Verse 4. To add another chorus, type “Chorus 1” after “Verse 4.”


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