What should I know about my graphics hardware?

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Proclaim is able to run on many different hardware configurations and platforms. Certain hardware configurations, however, are known to cause problems with higher end functions of the program. If you are considering adding videos or motion backgrounds to your presentation, the following hardware information may be pertinent to you:


Each Windows hardware configuration is unique

Because of the availability of numerous processors, graphics cards, motherboards, and other hardware components, the number of possible, unique configurations is quite large. This can make troubleshooting difficult, as certain configurations may cause errors within Proclaim that are independent of the software itself. While we cannot anticipate every conceivable hardware setup, there are some general guidelines that, when followed, will increase the performance of Proclaim.


Make sure you are using a dedicated graphics card

Many machines are designed with an onboard Intel HD or AMD FirePro graphics card that is suitable for home or office work, but may not render media in Proclaim well. These cards, while they have their uses, are not built to handle a program with the requirements of Proclaim. Because of the speed at which these graphics cards operate, video playback may be choppy or out of sync with the associated audio.

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