How Do I Copy/Duplicate a Presentation?

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You don’t have to start each Proclaim presentation from scratch. Duplicate your previous week’s to retain any service items that are still applicable for this week.

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Duplicate an Entire Presentation

1. Select the presentation to duplicate.

Click File, then select Duplicate Recent or Duplicate.

  • Duplicate Recent expands a list of recent presentations by date.
  • Duplicate opens a panel with all available presentations including thumbnail images of the opening slide.

2. Click the presentation you wish to duplicate.

The presentation immediately opens, and the date is set to the next regularly scheduled service. If you wish to change the service date, you can do so by clicking the dropdown menu to the right of the date and selecting a different date.

Note: Save time by creating a template that can be duplicated for future presentations (See below).

Duplicate Items in a Presentation

Service items can be copied from one presentation to another or from one part of the presentation to another section.

1. Select items.

Click the item you wish to duplicate. Select multiple items by holding down the Ctrl key (Cmd for Mac) and clicking the items you wish to select. You may also select a series of items by clicking on the first item in the series, holding the Shift key and clicking the last item in the series.

Note: Once you select items, a blue notification bar appears at the top of the screen showing you the status of your selection.

2. Duplicate items.

Press Ctrl+D (Windows) or Cmd+D (Mac). The selected items are immediately duplicated in the presentation and can be moved to another place in the presentation by dragging and dropping them into the desired location.
Proclaim recognizes standard keyboard commands, such as Copy using Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac). Paste them into the desired location of any presentation by using Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac).
Right clicking on selected items opens a list of available commands including cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo. Select Copy. Navigate to the location you want to insert the item(s); right click again and select Paste.

When dragging selected items, a yellow indicator bar shows the present target location for the selected items.

Did You Know? When working on any presentation, you can reuse any item used in a previous presentation. Click here to learn how.

Create a Template

Churches often develop a basic flow for their service from week-to-week. Creating a template allows you to save a starting framework that can be duplicated and easily edited for each service. To get started:

1. Open a presentation.

You’ll find it helpful to open a presentation that is a model that you want to use each week. If you’re creating a template for a special service like Good Friday, Christmas Eve, or a memorial service, use one of those presentations as your starting place.

2. Rename the presentation.

Click anywhere within the presentation title box to highlight the presentation title and enter the name of your template. Choose an easily distinguishable name (e.g. Worship Service Template or Christmas Eve template).

3. Remove “special” items.

Select and Delete any items from the service you don’t regularly use, such as a mission trip recap video or a survey. This simplifies future editing.

4. Rename items.

Click on the item you wish to rename. Pause and click a second time to activate the label edit box or press Ctrl+R (Cmd+R on Mac). Rename the items in your presentation with generic labels that serve as place holders (e.g. Announcement, Song, Scripture reading).

5. Your template is ready for use.

Proclaim automatically saves your presentation. In the future, you can quickly duplicate this presentation, update the presentation name, and edit it to include the details for your upcoming service.

  • To learn more about editing text on a slide, click here.
  • To learn more about editing slide backgrounds, click here.


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