How Do I Share a Published Sermon?

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Sermons published to Logos Sermons include several sharing options, many of which share automatically. Continue reading below to learn how to manually share your sermon or follow one of these links for other sharing options:

Note: In order to share a sermon, you will need to publish it to Logos Sermons. Learn more.

Follow these steps to manually share your sermon on social media, via email, or with a direct link:

1. Locate Your Sermon

Navigate to Logos Sermons and log in. Select My Sermons. Choose the sermon or sermon series from the list.

Note: If you don’t see the sermon under My Sermons it may be connected to your church group’s account. To locate all sermons your church has published, select the settings icon  and select your church group from the list.

If your sermon is part of a series, select it from the list of sermons in the series.

2. Access Sharing Options

Click the Share button beneath your published sermon.

This opens a panel with options to Share your sermon or Embed your sermon in a website.

Social Media Sharing Options

Click one of the icons to post directly to a social media platform.


When you click the Faithlife icon, a new browser tab opens with options for posting your sermon to

By default, sermons post to your personal Faithlife feed. If you want to share the sermon with your church's Faithlife group, select it from the dropdown menu. Depending on where you post your sermon, you have the option to post as yourself or as your group. Click the arrow to the right of the Post button to choose to post immediately or schedule for later.

Did you know? Sermons published for your church group on Logos Sermons automatically post to your church group on 


When you click the Facebook icon, a new browser tab opens with options for posting your sermon to Facebook.


When you click the Twitter icon, a new browser window opens with a pre-populated tweet including a link to your sermon. You can edit the tweet before posting.


Share via Email

When you click the email icon  , a new email message opens with a pre-populated subject line and embedded link to the sermon.


Share a Direct Link

Click Copy to copy a link that can be pasted in other applications.

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