Using Third-Party Remotes with Proclaim

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Proclaim allows users to control a presentation from a location other than the presenting computer. We recommend downloading the free Proclaim Remote app to control your presentation. However, Proclaim is compatible with several third-party remotes.

Proclaim-Supported Remotes

Most third-party remotes work well with Proclaim, but we have tested and support the remotes listed here:

Configuring Your Remote

Proclaim uses the PgUp/PgDn or Left/Right inputs by default. Remotes with programmable buttons are also sufficient to navigate in Proclaim.

  1. Follow the installation instructions that came with your remote to connect it to the presenting computer.
  2. If your remote uses Up/Down inputs, you will have to enable them in Proclaim before you use your wireless presenter. Expand the Settings menu in the main app window and select Remote.

  3. Check the box to Enable up/down arrows for slide navigation.

  4. Click the X in the upper right corner of the menu.
  5. Test your remote using an On Air presentation.
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