What do I do if Proclaim crashes?

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If Proclaim has closed abruptly or hangs indefinitely, you may have experienced a crash. Some crashes occur because of an underlying issue with Proclaim, while others happen as a one-off random event. If the app has only crashed once and works normally afterward, it may have crashed for reasons other than those related to Proclaim. The steps in this article are intended for anyone who is experiencing repeated crashes in Proclaim.


Step 1: Update Proclaim to the latest version

Proclaim updates contain fixes to known bugs that we’ve fixed. If you’re experiencing a crash on an older version of Proclaim, we may have already fixed it.

Need help updating? Find what version of Proclaim you’re running and how to update it.

Note: Unless there was an issue with the initial installation of Proclaim, uninstalling and reinstalling Proclaim is rarely necessary. Updating Proclaim will install a new version, essentially reinstalling.


Step 2: Make sure your operating system is up-to-date.

As we update Proclaim, it’s sometimes necessary to drop support for previous software.


We support systems running Windows 10 (x64).

Note: Learn about system requirements for Proclaim.


We support macOS 10.14 or higher.


Step 3: Remove or disable Plays.TV

If you are still experiencing crashes, disable or remove the Plays.TV app. There is a known issue that causes the Plays.TV app to crash Proclaim (and many other programs). If you have the Plays.TV app installed and running, you can follow these steps to disable or remove it.


Step 4: Let us know

If Proclaim is still crashing, please contact us so we can fix it. Submitting your Proclaim logs and Windows Event Viewer logs via a bug report is the best way to let us know about a crash, and will include the most technical information relevant to diagnosing the issue. You can also send us an email or call us at 800–875–6467.

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