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Faithlife Music is your worship team’s connection point with the songs you sing. Browse the database of songs, connected by searchable themes and verses.

You can also enjoy popular videos of song performances embedded directly in the info for each song, discover links to lyrics, chord charts, sheet music, and loops, or add your own links.

Proclaim integrates with Faithlife Music to provide you with more information on the songs you love to sing.  Connect to your church’s worship team to view and track your church’s songs, create arrangements, add chord charts and links to videos to help your musicians prepare. Then, add your songs to Proclaim and update the songs for your service without even opening Proclaim.


Note: Faithlife Music is a free, publicly-available service and does not require Faithlife Proclaim.

Access Faithlife Music from Proclaim

  1. Make sure Proclaim is in EDIT mode.
  2. Create a new song service item from the Add Item menu and enter the song title or select a song in your set list.
  3. Click Faithlife Music next to the song title to learn more about that song.

  4. An external browser window opens to the entry for your selected song on Faithlife Music.


Note: You can also go to Faithlife Music directly at

Navigating Faithlife Music

Each Faithlife Music entry contains basic information about the song, additional links to external resources including videos of other performances, and links to the song’s metadata (authors, references, and themes) in the Faithlife Music database. Continue reading to learn more about each feature.

Note: To take advantage of several the features below, you will need to log in with your free Faithlife account. If you’re not already signed in, click the Sign In button in the top right-hand corner of your screen.


Basic information about the song is listed first, including Scripture references, preaching themes, links to CCLI licensed renditions, meter, and composition date.


Group Catalog


To create and edit arrangements for use in Proclaim, you need to be a member of your church's worship team and have your church using Faithlife Music for its song database. If you have all the correct settings, your group has probably not been migrated to use Faithlife Music. The migration will happen automatically, but if you'd like priority consideration please email and we'll add you to the list.


Upload or edit an arrangement of the song so your worship team can locate the rendition you want to prepare or use this space to archive arrangements you have done for future reference. Click Add arrangement to add an arrangement to your record.

Click the kabob menu icon image2.png to view options to Edit, Duplicate, or Delete the arrangement.

Selecting Edit opens a page with editable fields, allowing you to customize and record the details of the arrangement.


Additional Links

The Watch section displays video renditions of the song, and the Listen section contains links to audio renditions.



Click Favorite to tag a song that you really like. Click Share to generate a link that you can send so others can access the song on Faithlife Music.



The Authors section lists individuals and groups associated with the song that are associated with other songs in the Faithlife Music database. Click a name to see other songs associated with this name.



Each song in the Faithlife Music database is tagged with one or more Scripture references. Clicking a reference in the right-hand column displays other songs tagged with this reference.



The Themes section allows you to view other songs related to the same preaching subject. Click a theme to see a list of related songs.


Top 100/Seasonal Favorites

Clicking a link to an Author, Reference, or Theme navigates to a new page with additional songs related to the selected heading. At the top of these pages are the Top 100 and Seasonal Favorites icons. Click the Top 100 icon to view the 100 songs most used in Proclaim presentations for that week. The Seasonal Favorites icon lists popular songs related to the current season.



Create a list of music you access often by adding songs to your catalog. Click the plus icon image8.png on the right hand side of the song to add it to your catalog. Access a list of songs in your catalog by clicking Faithlife Music Catalog in the upper left-hand portion of the site.



At the bottom of each song is space for comments. Add your own thoughts or share your experience in using a song with others. Check Subscribe to be notified when others comment on this song.


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