What is Proclaim Music?

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Proclaim Music is your worship team’s connection point with the songs you sing. Browse the database of songs, connected by searchable themes and verses.

Proclaim integrates with Proclaim Music to provide you with more information on the songs you love to sing. Connect to your church’s worship team to view and track your church’s songs, create arrangements, add chord charts and links to videos to help your musicians prepare. Then, add your songs to Proclaim and update the songs for your service without even opening Proclaim.

Note: Proclaim Music is a free, publicly-available service and does not require Proclaim.


Access Proclaim Music from Proclaim

  1. Make sure you are in Edit mode in Proclaim. If you are in Preview mode, click the toggle to switch.

    Turn on Edit Mode

  2. Click Add Item and select Song.

  3. Enter a song title in the search bar located in the center pane and select the version of the song you want to use.

    Type Song Title

    Note: You can connect your SongSelect® by CCLI account to add songs from SongSelect’s database. Click Link account and follow the prompts to complete the connection.

    Link to CCLI

  4. If the song doesn’t appear in the list of song titles, click the song title under CREATE NEW SONG.

    Click Create New Song

  5. Enter details about the new song, including song title, worship team, arrangement title, key, on screen title, and artist. Click Add Song.

    Add Song Details

  6. Click File and select Save and Sync to sync the song to Proclaim Music.

    Save and Sync

  7. Add lyrics and relevant details in the center pane.

    Add Lyrics and Details

  8. Click Proclaim Music to access additional song details. A browser window opens to the entry for your selected song on Proclaim Music.

    Click Proclaim Music

Note: You can also access Proclaim Music directly at music.proclaim.logos.com.


Navigate Proclaim Music

Proclaim Music provides basic facts about songs in its database, as well as links to external resources, authors, scriptural references, and themes.


Skip ahead to:


Group Catalog





Song Pairings

Additional Links

Top 100/Chart Climbers




Song information (including alternate titles, themes, composition date, and links to CCLI licensed renditions) is listed first.

Song Details

Group Catalog

Upload or edit a song arrangement for your worship team or archive past arrangements for future reference.

Select Add arrangement to add a new arrangement.

Click the menu icon to view, edit, duplicate, or delete the arrangement.

Choose Edit to customize the details of your arrangement. Options to import ChordPro files and export as a downloadable PDF are also available.

Import ChordPro or Export as PDF


Click Favorite to tag a song you really like. Click Share for a link you can send to others.

Favorite or Share



Click the name of an individual or group to view other songs affiliated with the name.

Select an Author



Every song in the Proclaim Music database is tagged with one or more scriptural references. Click a reference to display other songs with the same reference.

View References



Click a theme to view a list of songs related to the same subject.

View Themes


Song Pairings

Displays songs that are commonly sung with the song you are currently viewing, according to data from actual church services. Click a song in this section to view details about it.

Song Pairings


The Watch section contains links to video renditions of the song, while the Listen section has links to audio renditions of the song.

Watch and Listen


Top 100/Chart Climbers

Clicking a link in the Authors, References, or Themes section opens a new page with additional songs related to the selected heading. At the top of the page are the Top 100 and Chart Climbers sections. Click Top 100 to show the 100 songs most used in Proclaim presentations for that week. Select Chart Climbers to see popular songs.

Top 100 and Chart Climbers



Click the plus icon to add songs to your catalog. Songs that are currently in your catalog have a checkmark icon next to them.

Note: Options to sort and to see a song’s details are available at the top right of the page.

Catalog and Sort

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