Box Fill Justification and Shapes

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With Box Fill Justification, Proclaim automatically formats the text to the size of the box. This allows you to creatively size and align the text, creating a sharp and tidy look. Proclaim also helps you emphasize your message using shapes to set the text off from the background.

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What is Box Fill Justification?

As you adjust the size of the box, the text within the box automatically resizes to maintain its justification to either the height or width of the box.

  • Automatic Fill: your text automatically resizes to fill either the height or width of the text box.
  • No Distortion: the size of the font adjusts to fit the box without distorting the dimensions of the text.

Side by side example showing the same slide, first without text box justification and then with text box justification

Note: Box Fill Justification works with individual text boxes but cannot be applied to a main text field (e.g. fields that contain song lyrics).

Use Box Fill Justification

Select the service item containing your desired text or create a new service item and then select the text box you want to edit.

  1. Click the Justification icon Align Center icon.
  2. Select one of the Box Fill Justification options.

Box Fill Justification options highlighted

  • Box Fill Tight icon creates a tight grouping with little space between words.
  • Box Fill Normal icon creates normal spacing between words.
  • Box Fill Loose icon creates a loose grouping with significant space between lines.

Clicking the icon a Clicking the icon a second time removes Box Fill Justification.

Note: If justification isn’t behaving as expected, ensure you have Single line selected below the Box Fill options.

Click and drag the size adjustment points on the text box to create your desired size. The text automatically enlarges or shrinks proportionately to fill the height or width of the text box. Proclaim adjusts each word’s size to ensure that the lines of text maintain equal width.

Using Background Shapes

Creating a shape behind your text is a great way to create contrast between your text and the background, making it stand out and easier to read.

Note: Background shapes are especially helpful with Box Fill Justification enabled, as the shape will adjust as the text expands or contracts.

Select the service item containing your desired text or create a new service item. Select the text box you want to edit (or create a new one).

  1. Click Effects to expand the dropdown menu.
  2. Check the box to the left of Background Shape. The default shape is added behind the text.
  3. Click anywhere outside the menu to hide the menu.

Background box effect enabled

To edit the effect,

  1. Click Effects to expand the dropdown menu.
  2. Next to Background Shape click EDIT. The shape editing menu presents many options to customize the color, transparency, shape, and size. Changes are applied in real time.

Background shape effect editing panel visible

  • Color: Choose a color for your shape using the color palette, suggested complementary colors, or click More colors… to select an existing color on your slide.
  • Transparency: Adjust the opacity value to change how transparent the background shape is.
  • Shape Options: Select a shape for the text box from the menu options.
  • Fit Mode: Adjust the shape size by scrolling down and selecting a Fit Mode from the dropdown menu. Check Fit to textbox to make the shape dependent on the size of the text box.

Click Save color or Save swatch to save your selection for later use. When you have completed adding and/or editing the shape, click outside the shape menu. Click a second time to hide the Effects drop down menu.

Note: If you don’t want to keep a change, right-click the text box and select Undo.

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