How Do I Add Bible Verses without An Internet Connection?

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Without an internet connection, the On-Screen Bible is not available to use while running your Proclaim presentation. While you cannot enter Bible verses “on-the-fly” inside Proclaim without the internet, as a Logos user you can still add Bible passages to Proclaim while you’re On Air.

1. Open Proclaim and Logos Bible Software.

Open the presentation you want to work on in Proclaim and then open Logos and select the Bible you want to use.

Did you know? If you don’t have a Logos base package, you can download Logos 8 Basic for free by clicking here. It includes two Bibles (KJV and LEB) as well as a few dictionaries, a commentary, and other Bible study tools. Additional Bibles can be purchased from

2. Locate your desired verse in Logos.

Click the Library icon  and open your preferred Bible.

Enter the verse reference in the active reference bar.

3. Send the verse to Proclaim.

Select the text you want to show, right-click, and choose Send to Faithlife Proclaim.

4. Logos adds the verse to Proclaim.

The Bible verse appears as a new content item in your presentation. To rename the content item, enter a title in the Content box and press Enter.

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