Can I Follow My On Air Presentation from My Laptop?

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You can view any On Air presentation on a secondary monitor with any one of the following options:

1. Confidence Monitor (text-only)

You can set up your laptop as a Confidence Monitor to view a high contrast, text-only view of your presentation if your computer running Proclaim is able to use your laptop as a secondary display. This output is especially helpful for worship teams as it also supports stage directions, countdown timers, lyric previews for upcoming song slides, and other presenter features.

Learn how to set up a confidence monitor.

2. Digital Sign Feed

Digital sign feeds are looping presentations that can display announcements, verses, Bible trivia, and anything else you want to include. Importantly, you can also set up any sign feed to show your On Air presentation during your services. This means you can set your laptop to show your sign feed and it will mirror your live presentation during your service, as any device with a web browser can display sign feeds. At this point, sign feeds cannot play video.

Learn how to set up a free digital sign feed and how to show On Air presentations using your sign feed.

Note: There’s no limit to the number of sign feeds you can have. If you’re already using a sign feed for your lobby TVs (or some other area in your building) and don’t want to show On Air presentations on that feed, create a new feed meant just for your services.

3. Proclaim Remote App

If you want to follow a presentation on your mobile device, grab the Proclaim Remote app from the iOS or Android app store. Once you configure the app, you can follow any On Air presentation from your mobile device.

Learn more about the Proclaim Remote App.

Note: The Proclaim Remote App will not play sound or video.

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